Call for Papers: Creating Memories in Early Modern and Modern Art and Literature (Belgrade, 13th – 15th March 2017)


The Center for Visual Culture of Balkans (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade), in cooperation with
the Hebrew Literature Department and the Moshe David Gaon Center for Ladino Culture (Ben-Gurion University
of the Negev), are organizing a joint international congress, in Belgrade, entitled: Creating Memories in Early
Modern and Modern Art and Literature.

Culture of remembrance is one of the central matters of our times, characterized by a wide range of memory related
phenomena, such as construction of artificial memories, mass media and production of mass memories or
destruction of public memorials. Besides their obvious social and political importance, memories also pertain to
the most intimate spheres of our individual lives and identities. We would therefore like to invite you to join our
efforts in enlightening different angles of the mechanisms and processes of the creation of memories in European
and Middle Eastern cultures in early modern and modern art and literature, while concentrating especially on
some of the following issues:

 Religious practice and memory building
 Damnatio memoriae
 Nation building and memory engineering
 Official commemorative practices and their role in the construction of memory
 Conflicting and common memories
 Memory and memorials
 Media and memory
 Memory and gender
 Construction of Holocaust-related memory in Israel, Europe and USA

In case of questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the academic committee.
The abstracts (two hundred words maximum) are to be sent to the following e-mail:, no later
than December 15th 2016.

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