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First circular-Call for papers

23 October 2015

The Department of History of the Karadeniz Technical University announce that the 22nd symposium of the CIEPO will take place in Trabzon, Turkey 4- 8 October 2016. The sessions will be held at the main campus in Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Culture and Congress Centre.

The organizers encourage thematic panels, but proposals for individual papers may also be submitted. 200 presentations will be possible in the Conference. Each panel will consist of normally four papers. Each paper – in a panel or independent – will be of duration of 15 minutes; panels should ideally also include a brief 5-minute introductory presentation of their theme and rationale. 15 minutes of discussion will follow at the end of each panel or individual presentation sessions. Participants may present their papers in English, French, German and Turkish.

The conference does not have a specific theme, but the organizers encourage panels and individual papers which fall under the following main topics:

  • Foundation of the Ottoman Empire
  • Studies on the pre-Ottoman period of Ottoman lands
  • The Black Sea area in the pre-Ottoman and Ottoman period
  • Ottoman provincial administration
  • Relations between the Ottoman Empire and Europe
  • Ottoman military history: strategies, logistics and conduct of wars
  • Sources: new interpretations and approaches
  • Ottoman mentalities, attitudes, ideas
  •  Reconsidering the ‘state v. society’, ‘centre v. periphery’ paradigms’
  • New approaches in the study of the Ottoman economy
  • Ottoman urban history
  • Rural studies in the Ottoman context
  • Ottoman civilization: literature, art, architecture, music

Proposals must be submitted by email to or where also all queries should be addressed. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 January 2016. The registration forms for the proposals may be downloaded either from the CIEPO webpage:

Abstracts for individual papers should not exceed 300 words (please see guideline for the CIEPO abstracts, p.5). Proposals for panels should include abstracts of up to 300 words for each paper, but also an abstract of up to 400 words for the general theme of the panel, also explaining how the four papers interconnect and how they contribute to the theme. Proposals for panels must be submitted by the panel leader, i.e., the person who takes the initiative to organize the panel.

The proposals for panels and individual papers will be examined by an international Vetting Board which will be appointed by the CIEPO Executive Board, and will consist of members of the CIEPO Governing Directorate (see attachment ‘guideline for composing CIEPO abstracts’). The selection process will be double-blind, following the established academic practice for peer review; the names of the members of the Vetting Board will not be announced, and the panel and paper proposals will be forwarded to the Vetting Board by the local organizers without names. The results of the selection process will be announced through the local organizers by 29 February 2016. In case there are appeals which will have to be submitted to the local organizers by 15 March 2016, the CIEPO President will act as arbitrator.

“We would like to draw your attention to the 2016 CIEPO Article Prize. Details about eligibility and submissions are available on the CIEPO website (”

Details about the registration fee, as well as about accommodation options in Trabzon, will be announced in March 2016, after the end of the selection process. The registration fee will be around 90 Euros. The cost of accommodation will range between 40 and 100 Euros per night (including breakfast) for single rooms, between 40 and 140 Euros, for double rooms, depending on the hotel. Karadeniz Technical University has guest houses situated next to the conference centre and have high standards (per night 30-45 Euros including breakfast). The participants will have to cover themselves the costs of travel, accommodation, and meals although we hope to find sponsors for some of the meals and activities.

The conference will include four days of sessions, and a full-day excursion (most likely on Saturday 8 October). The Opening Session is scheduled for Tuesday morning (4 October), and the Closing Session and General Meeting for Friday afternoon/evening (7 October).

The organizing committee of Ciepo-22

Kenan İnan, Hikmet Öksüz, Miraç Tosun and Mustafa Altunbay

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