Call for papers – Water History Conference (June 24-26 2015)


The Water History conference of the International Water History Association in Delft, the Netherlands, will be a unique opportunity to exchange existing and develop new insights on the history of our most precious resources. The conference is co-organized by IWHA and Delft University of Technology.

Abstracts and sessions

The program committee welcomes abstracts for individual papers and proposals for complete sessions. Session proposals can either include three papers and a commentator or four papers. It is encouraged to include chairs in the session proposal as well. Proposals for multiple sessions under one theme are possible as well. The conference does not predefine topics for abstracts and sessions. Subjects and topics can range from rivers to drops, from seas to mountain lakes, from technologies to cultures, from first settlers to 20th century builders, as long as the subjects are related to water (are “wet”) and historical (are “old”).

Submissions for abstracts and sessions

All abstracts, both individual and from session proposals, will be reviewed by the program committee and should be submitted by the main author of the abstract through the online submission system. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words. Please use this link to the online abstract submission page.

In addition, session proposals (consisting of session title, 100 word description, names and affiliations of presenters and titles of their papers, names and affiliations of commentator and chair), should be send separately to the chair of the program committee Maurits W. Ertsen at

Time schedule

Abstracts and sessions can be submitted between June 1st 2014 and November 15th 2014.
Decisions on acceptance are foreseen to be available on January 15th 2015.
The concept conference program should be available end of February 2015.
To appear on the program, presenters with accepted abstracts need to register before May 15th 2015.
Registration will open in January 2015.

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