CFP: Muslims, Jews, Moriscos, Renegades, Conversos and Christians (MESA, 21-24 November, Denver)

Papers are being sough for the panel “Muslims, Jews, Moriscos, Renegades, Conversos and Christians: Conflictual Encounters, Conversions, and Exchange in the Early-Modern Habsburg Empire” to be held at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (, in Denver Colorado, 21-25 November 2015.
The Mediterranean sea and its coasts during the XVI and XVII centuries are the arena of religious and political conflicts and negotiations. This panel will explore sixteenth-century representations of conversions and encounters between Christians, Jews and Muslims. Papers may consider themes such as piracy, conversion, Moriscos and Conversos, Mediterranean lingua franca, and polemical treatises.If you are interested in this panel, please submit a 250-word abstract and CV to the organizer: Diana Galarreta, University of Virginia ( January 28, 2015


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