Call for Papers: Oxford Naval History Conference 2017

Proposals are invited for papers presenting new and original research on all aspects of economic warfare and the sea between 1650 and 1950, for a conference entitled “Economic Warfare and the Sea, 1650-1950” to be held at All Souls College, Oxford in July 2017.


Credit: NMM BHC0499

Economic warfare is central to the exercise of sea power, and has influenced the conduct and outcome of armed conflicts, the diplomacy of great powers, and trade and politics all over the world. From commerce-raiding in European, Atlantic, and Asian waters during the seventeenth century, to submarine campaigns in the twentieth century, economic warfare has been pursued with many different objectives, methods, and results. This conference seeks to examine the role and consequence of economic warfare at sea from the early modern period to the Second World War, and to connect naval history with broader themes in economic and diplomatic history. Papers which take a long chronological view of this topic are particularly encouraged, as are those which explore or compare multiple regions of the globe.

Proposals should be no more than 300 words in length, accompanied by a one-page CV, and sent to the organisers at: Successful applicants invited to speak at the conference will be given twenty minutes to present their research, with time for questions. The deadline for proposals is 15th January 2017.

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