“The Mediterranean in History: Cyprus and the Levant”


We would like to inform you that the International Association of Maritime Studies (IAMS), Near East
University (NEU) and Pîrî Reis University (PRU), in collaboration with the Merit Hotel Group, organise a
workshop, titled as “The Mediterranean in History: Cyprus and the Levant ”, between 12-15 May 2015
at Near East University, Nicosia – the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
The workshop topics shall focus on the following themes:
– History of Cyprus from Antiquity to contemporary times (emphasis will be given on maritime
– The Cyprus war of 1570: the role of navy and logistics
– Levant Maritime trade-Shipyards and shipbuilding in the Levant
– Historical Cartography of Cyprus
– Piracy, Corsairs and Privateers in the Eastern Mediterranean
– Underwater archeology and the Cyprus area
– Historical Monuments related to maritime activities in Cyprus

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