LHF Conference in Istanbul: ‘The Effects and Contributions of Levantines in the development of Beyoğlu’


23-24 September 2016
LHF Conference in Istanbul: ‘The Effects and Contributions of Levantines in the development of Beyoğlu/Pera and Galata Neighbourhoods: A long heritage of Trade, Culture and Arts since 1453’

Organised by the Levantine Heritage Foundation with the support of the Municipality of Beyoğlu Invitation to provide support – sponsorship of side events, accommodation for visiting delegates, duties before and during the conference Beyoğlu known by the minorities as ‘Pera’, developed as a neighbourhood from the Middle Ages as the extension of the former Genoese trade colony of Galata. As Galata couldn’t contain the growing number of Embassies from the 17th century onwards these were relocated in Beyoğlu and built in architecture to reflect the importance of the various emerging empire nations of the day. These building now serve the respective nations consulates. The same trend of movement was also followed by the Levantines, resident foreigners and minorities and by the 19th century the ‘Grande Rue de Pera’ became the showcase of the Ottoman Empire, where trade, culture, arts flourished in the ‘La Belle Époque’. Today the grandeur is not completely lost, the buildings stand, the thoroughfare is still a magnet for shoppers and the area still has a distinctive part-foreign feel. The conference aims to analyse and celebrate the long and varied contribution Levantines and their businesses have had in shaping this neighbourhood and beyond. Levantines and their role in transforming Pera from an outlying suburb to the commercial hub of the city; Galata bankers; Culture and Arts of Pera and the role Levantines played in their local development;
Levantine newspapers; foreign architects; Levantine run theatres, cinemas, Levantine football clubs; Levantine
composers; the changes in the composition of local Levantines and their legacy today.

Programme: http://www.levantineheritage.com/…/LHF-Beyoglu-Conference-2…
Booklet: http://www.levantineheritage.com/…/LHF-Beyoglu-conference-2…
Registration for day 1: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lhf-conference-in-istanbul-l…
Registration for day 2: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lhf-conference-in-istanbul-l…
A free event kindly sponsored by the Beyoglu Municapility and supported by friends in the Istanbul.

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