Lines Between: Culture and Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean Cyprus: 3-6 June 2015

Call for Proposals Nicosia, Cyprus: 3-6 June 2015
The following subheadings indicate possible areas of inquiry:

Versions of cosmopolitanism in cultures of the area
Imperial inflections in vernacular expressions
Musical identities
The use of national and regional renaissances that flourished in response to dominant hegemonic structures
Contemporary arts and negotiations between ‘local’ and ‘global’
Education, schooling and empire in the Eastern Mediterranean
Imperial legacies in gender and sexual identity and their representations in dance, theatre and everyday identity performance
Colonial interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean under imperial rule
Leisure and sport: practices and identities
History, archaeology, and identity formation
Religious and social structures and their historical relationship with empire
Imperial impact on the associations between language, identity and culture in the eastern Mediterranean
War and peace in the region
Law: influence, co-operation and integration among the nations of the region
We welcome papers that explore any of the above areas as well as related issues that focus on the Eastern Mediterranean. Through these papers, we hope to explore the ways in which the arts in this “extremely small sea,” as Lawrence Durrell puts it, have helped to “make us dream that it is larger than it is.”

Abstracts of a 250-word maximum for 20-minute papers, and a 400-word maximum for three-paper panels (with the names of the panelists) that engage with these and other relevant questions should be submitted electronically addressed to David Roessel or Stavros Karayanni at by Sunday, 30 November 2014 (11.30.2014). Please make sure that you send the proposal as an attachment and include “Conference Proposal” in the topic line of your email.

The organizers are looking into the possibility of a publication that will feature a selection of papers from the conference.

Acceptances will be sent by 19 December 2014.

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