New Book: The Mediterranean in the Seventeenth Century: Captives, Pirates and Ransomers


The Mediterranean in the Seventeenth Century: Captives, Pirates, and Ransomers at the Juncture between Religion, Politics, Economics and Society, New Digital Frontiers S.R.L. and Casa Editrice Mediterranea, Palermo ,2016
This study examines captivity emanating from piracy or violence linked to maritime hostilities, and its consequences in the Mediterranean world of the seventeenth century. It first addresses the issue of the rise of piracy in this period, discussing the various explanations that have been proffered, then proceeds to the primary subject of the study—the captivity of Jews from the Adriatic coast eastwards, the financial aspects of their ransom, and the social ramifications. Placing these in the broader Jewish context of the Mediterranean and the countries of Western Europe as a whole, it concludes with a comparison of the practices of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim ransom of captives during the period under discussion. (Minna Rozen)

The pdf of the book can be downloaded for free at the FOLLOWING LINK:…/Programs/Interface.php…
If you prefer a hard copy it will cost you 11 euros . You may purchase it at the same site.

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