New Book: The Politics of Commercial Treaties in the Eighteenth Century

The Politics of Commercial Treaties in the Eighteenth Century Balance of Power, Balance of Trade

Editors: Alimento, Antonella, Stapelbroek, Koen (Eds.)

This book is the first study that analyses bilateral commercial treaties as instruments of peace and trade comparatively and over time. The work focuses on commercial treaties as an index of the challenges of eighteenth-century European politics, shaping a new understanding of these challenges and of how they were confronted at the time in theory and diplomatic practice. From the middle of the seventeenth century to the time of the Napoleonic wars bilateral commercial treaties were concluded not only at the end of large-scale wars accompanying peace settlements, but also independently with the aim to prevent or contain war through controlling the balance of trade between states. Commercial treaties were also understood by major political writers across Europe as practical manifestations of the wider intellectual problem of devising a system of interstate trade in which the principles of reciprocity and equality were combined to produce sustainable peaceful economic development.

Table of contents (16 chapters)

  1. Trade and Treaties: Balancing the Interstate System
    Alimento, Antonella (et al.)
    Pages 1-75
  2. Égalité, réciprocité, souveraineté: The Role of Commercial Treaties in Colbert’s Economic Policy
    Isenmann, Moritz
    Pages 77-103
  3. The Anglo-Portuguese Methuen Treaty of 1703: Opportunities and Constraints of Economic Development
    Cardoso, José Luís
    Pages 105-124
  4. The Anglo-French Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 Revisited: The Politics of Rivalry and Alliance
    Ahn, Doohwan
    Pages 125-149
  5. The Treaty of Asiento between Spain and Great Britain
    Léon Sanz, Virginia (et al.)
    Pages 151-172
  6. Negotiating the Balance of Power: Russian–Spanish Commercial Relations in the Early Eighteenth Century Volosyuk, Olga
    Pages 173-193
  7. Reinventing the Dutch Republic: Franco-Dutch Commercial Treaties from Ryswick to Vienna
    Stapelbroek, Koen
    Pages 195-215
  8. The Conditions of Trade in Wartime: Treaties of Commerce and Maritime Law in the Eighteenth Century
    Schnakenbourg, Éric
    Pages 217-242
  9. From Privilege to Equality: Commercial Treaties and the French Solutions to International Competition (1736–1770)
    Alimento, Antonella
    Pages 243-266
  10. Securing Asian Trade: Treaty Negotiations between the French and English East India Companies, 1753–1755
    Shovlin, John
    Pages 267-293
  11. The Rise of a Trading Nation: Prussia and the Convention préliminaire de commerce with France (1753)
    Cavarzere, Marco
    Pages 295-320
  12. War, Neutrality and Commercial Treaties: The Savoyard State 1660–1789
    Storrs, Christopher
    Pages 321-347
  13. Negotiating a Trade Treaty in the Imperial Context: The Habsburg Monarchy in the Eighteenth Century
    Lebeau, Christine
    Pages 349-369
  14. French Representations of the 1786 Franco-British Commercial Treaty
    Dupuy, Pascal
    Pages 371-399
  15. Haiti’s Commercial Treaties: Between Abolition and the Persistence of the Old Regime
    Cheney, Paul
    Pages 401-420
  16. What Trade for a Republican People? French Revolutionary Debates about Commercial Treaties (1792–1799)
    Belissa, Marc
    Pages 421-438

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