Ottoman cannon recovered off Paralimni


A cannon, dating back to the Ottoman period in Cyprus (16th – 19th century), was recovered from an ancient shipwreck in the waters off Paralimni.

Volunteers, under the supervision of the Antiquities Department and the Archaeology Department of the University of Cyprus, helped retrieve one of the three cannons found on the old warship, about three kilometres from the “Nisia” area in Protaras. Even though the shipwreck dates back to the time Cyprus was under Ottoman rule, its country of origin is not yet defined.

Its identity and exact age are expected to be revealed after the cannon will be studied by the Antiquities Department in Larnaca. Following the completion of the studies, the municipality of Paralimni wishes to exhibit the cannon as a piece that enriches Famagusta’s tourist product and sheds light to the town’s history, mayor Theodoros Pirillis said. Paralimni’s earliest residents had established the Lefkola settlement off the coast of Protaras, one of ancient Salamina’s significant suburbs, which was later moved inland to avoid pirate attacks.

Vessels with dozens of passengers watched the hour-long recovery of the cannon as divers hooked the cannon on a crane aboard a special ship. It’s emergence above the surface was welcomed with their sirens and cheers. Unfortunately, according to the archaeologists, the wreck of the warship was looted and the cannons were left behind because the mongers could not carry them.

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