CFP: III. International Cesme-Chios History, Culture and Tourism Symposium


III. International Cesme-Chios History, Culture and
Tourism Symposium
3-5 November 2016
Deadline for Abstracts: 30 May 2016
All social sciences endeavor to enlighten different aspects of life by applying varied methodologies to human life. Humanity, the shared object of study, is their common fundamental. One is bound to remain incomplete without another, and none alone would suffice in understanding humankind. Approaches directed by social scientists who share the same locality to the lives of people with similar historical, cultural, and geographical experiences will
provide a sense of completeness and culminate in the desired interdisciplinary meeting. To that end, the Department of Business Administration at the University of Aegean and Cesme School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Ege University plan to create an international and interdisciplinary scientific platform via a co-organized symposium. In its third year, the symposium aims to discuss the scientific problems of the island of Chios and the peninsula of Çesme/Karaburun as well as contribute to strengthening the cooperation and friendship between the two countries. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite researchers who study within or focus on this region to support this collaboration of social sciences. All the fields of social sciences will be welcomed in our symposium.

Such as;

– Agriculture
– Archaeology
– Art History
– Biology
– Geography
– Folklore
– History
– Philosophy
– Psychology
– Sociology
The Organizing Committee


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