Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (Autumn Lectures)


The aim of SRII is to promote academic research on Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Among the many fields of study represented at the Institute are Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Classical and Byzantine Studies, Educational Studies, General History, with the emphasis on Ottoman and modern Turkish history, Political Science, including International Relations, Religion, Social Anthropology, Sociology as well as West and Central Asian Languages and Literatures.

Monday, September 14
Magnus Andersson, PhD
Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University
Assessing Urban Expansion of Istanbul 2000 – 2013
Tuesday, October 6
Ingmar Karlsson
Former Consul General of Sweden & Senior Fellow at CMES, Lund University
Backwards into the Future: Erdogan´s New Turkey
Tuesday, October 13
Sofie Bedford, PhD
Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University
Turkey and Azerbaijan: One Religion – Two States?
Tuesday, October 27
Prof. Zeynep Ahunbay
Istanbul Technical University
Cultural Heritage Threatened by Armed Conflicts: Cases from Bosnia and Kosovo
Tuesday, December 1
Kristina Josephson Hesse, Phd
Department of Archaeology & Ancient History, Uppsala University
Pastoral Nomads and City-State Kings in the Old Babylonian Period (ca 1800 BCE)
Tuesday, December 15
Prof. Elisabeth Özdalga
Associated Fellow and Former Director at Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul
A Contested Public Space: Reflections on the Role of the Mosque in the Formation of Turkish Nationalism
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Tünel – Beyoğlu – İSTANBUL
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